Cats on show: The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat breed is well known for its beauty, its colour and its elegance. Sometimes it’s known as “Blue Archangel” because the sailors that brought them from Russia to Europe came from the islands in the area known as Archangel. This breed is very popular due to its desirable appearance and behaviour.

General Appearance

The Russian Blue is renowned for the colours of its coat, silver and blue, which combine to create a beautiful shade of slate. This breed has a double coat with short, thick hair; the undercoat is soft and fluffy. It’s a medium-sized breed, with a wedge-shaped head and elongated vibrant green eyes, which can be almost hypnotic. The ears are wide, large and rounded.


Russian Blues are very intelligent, thanks to their lively curiosity. They’re usually calm and quiet but love to play, and some even learn to play fetch with their owners. When miaowing, they have a soft and understated voice. This cat has the ability to perceive basic human emotions and is very loyal to its owner, building a strong relationship with its family. Usually they are slightly shy around strangers.

Health Problems

Cats belonging to the Russian Blue breed usually live around 10 to 15 years, and thankfully, they’re not genetically predisposed to any particular diseased. They’re generally quite healthy and they’re the perfect companion for someone who doesn’t want lots of hassle at the vet’s office.

Overall, the Russian Blue is an elegant, gracious cat, perfect for any family, as they are quite at ease around children and other domesticated animals. These cats are also very clean and tend to take care of themselves! They’re perfect for people who have slight allergies as they are hypoallergenic. If you’re looking for a new companion who will stay by your side and become your best friend, the Russian Blue is the cat for you.

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