Doggie Spotlight: The Boxer

Boxers are mid-size dogs, very energetic, playful and loyal. They can be show dogs or the perfect pet for a family; they can adapt to living indoors or outdoors. Boxers are friendly towards people and animals, including other domesticated animals like cats; however, if not properly trained, they can be aggressive towards strangers.

Boxers are very physically affectionate: they love to play with their owners, lick them and generally jump around. They have an easily trainable nature.

This breed, which originates in Germany, has short and smooth hair, which can be light or dark brown in colour, so they’re easy to groom and take care of. Just like other dog breeds, boxers are prone to certain health concerns, so it’s a good idea to take your boxer for a yearly check up at a vet’s. Their diet is also very important: the right diet is needed to keep a boxer in good health. It’s important to stimulate your boxer every day with physical and mental exercise: when brought up in the right way, boxers are great companions for an active family.


Boxers love to spend time with their families: one of their favourite things to do is to lie by the side of their owner, or to express affection to people by jumping up all over them! Often they require attention and interaction with their human friends.

Boxers are obedient dogs, and it’s not hard to train them to retrieve objects, obey simple comands, and be well-behaved around strangers. Not only are they intelligent, but they can also be professionally trained. They have the ability to learn fast and obey comands even faster.

It’s not known as a particularly aggressive breed, but their extremely sharp hearing and sense of smell makes them perfect for the role of guard dog. They’re vigilant and attentive and ready to defend their owner’s family against strangers. Even though their bodily structure, with impressive muscles, can make them appear scary or aggressive, boxers are actually very good with children.

Health concerns

Boxers often suffer from heart diseases: aortic stenosis, dilated cardiomyopathy and atrial septal defect. Boxers may also suffer from corneal dystrophy, protrusion of the eyelids (Cherry Eye) and some forms of progressive retinal atrophy.

Like many other dogs their size, boxers can suffer from hip dysplasia. This illness can cause severe pain in the dog so regular vet check-ups are essential for the wellbeing of your boxer.

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