La Grande Bellezza – the Bracco Italiano

This dog, which appeared in Italy in ancient times, is an authentic hunter. Used for hunting in the countryside, especially game, these dogs were desired by every nobleman in Europe. They risked extinction in the 20th century but it was fortunately averted. The Italian Pointer is a highly unique dog, both in terms of its shape and its mindset.

General Appearance

The Italian Pointer can reach a height of 67 cm and typically weighs-in at between 25 and 40 kilograms. It has a strong and athletic build.

Its facial expression is serious and its eyes have a poignant expression accentuated by the long dangling lips which, some say, gives it a kind of grimmace!  In reality though, this dog has a very sunny (or as we say in Italia, solare) mindset. It is known for its long floppy ears and its long nose; it’s always ready for the hunt. It has a short dense coat that is quite coarse to the touch. The Italian Pointer molts a few times a year to refresh itself, while its colour can be either orange and white, or brown and tan. Irrespective of the colour, the coat is presented with a a patchwork quilt effect.


The breed is very gracious and appealing to the eye. It moves gracefully in an almost hypnotic way: it moves like it was born to hunt. They love people and always seek company; Italian Pointers are great with kids and other household pets. It’s not an aggressive dog but will defend its master if necessary. They are at their happiest when they are hunting in the forest.

Health Concerns

This breed doesn’t have any particular health issues (Yay!). It’s a dog that appears to be perfectly content with the lifestyle it was born to enjoy.

The Italian Pointer is a great work dog, for people who need a companion in the countryside. They have enough love for all the family, but they won’t live indoors all the time, as they are happiest – as most dogs are – when enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a strong companion who will never leave you, the Italian Pointer is a worthy contender, made in Italy!

And that ends our little window on one of Italy’s great beauties .

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